WebHost Manager (WHM)

WebHost Manager (WHM)

WebHost Manager (WHM) enables resellers to manage customer accounts from one convenient interface. Learn about the WebHost Manager interface, how to provide your customers with their own cPanel account, and more.


  • Accessing WebHost Manager

    Learn how to access WebHost Manager so you can manage your customer accounts. This article covers several methods, such as using direct login URLs, cPanel, and the Hosting GM Customer Portal.

  • WebHost Manager packages and accounts

    This collection of articles shows you how to administer WebHost Manager (WHM) packages and accounts. Using WHM accounts, you can provide customers with their own cPanel account, lessening the administrative burden on you, the reseller. WHM packages enable you to define specific feature sets for customers.

  • Using WebHost Manager for site branding and configuration

    This collection of articles shows how to brand cPanel for your customers, set up support contact information, and more.

  • Backing up and restoring data with WebHost Manager

    Learn how to use the backup and restore features included in WebHost Manager (WHM). This article describes how to configure backups, and how to restore data from those backups.

  • Resetting the MySQL root password in WHM

    Learn how to use WebHost Manager (WHM) to reset the MySQL root password. Note that this article only applies to hosting accounts that have root access.